Let's Talk Pictures

November 07, 2014

Children grow up so fast.  It seems we blink our eyes and they are walking and talking.  We look away for an instant and they are graduating high school. As parents we sometimes feel like life is passing us by in the fast lane and that we cannot keep up.  This series of blogs will hopefully eliminate some of the panic and stress from your already hectic life. We will be providing you with suggestions for holiday outfits, pictures, snacks, & crafts.    The family picture with coordinating outfits will be important to the mother, silly to the father, and boring to the children, but there will come a day that those very pictures will be worth more than any...

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Fancy That Hat

May 22, 2013

For the last 6 years I have been an avid volunteer in the fight against cancer.  When Jamie and I started this new business we knew that we would continue to give our support to the cause, several conversations later we were still searching for an outlet to support cancer research and patients.  Today our 20% off sale for Fancy That Hat started. These are wonderful hats designed by Jennifer with great attention to detail and safety for our little ones.  I was curious about what sparked her interest in designing these hats.  So, after viewing the company website I was pleasantly surprised.  The company donates hats to local hospitals that care for children diagnosed with cancer.  To me this...

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Spring Photo Shoot

March 31, 2013

March 23, 2013 started out with anticipation, excitement, and nervousness as we prepared for our Spring photo shoot.  Our photographer, Jessica Leigh Hood, did an amazing job designing a set that showcased the cutest models and most stylish clothes.  The moment the first model walked through the door the stress left and the fun began. We had children laughing, playing, and yelling; but most importantly they made memories that will last a lifetime.  Down the hallway you could hear the kids playing in Braden’s room and their imaginations running wild.  They had forts constructed out of pillows and toys covering the bed.  The floor was nowhere to be seen.  Once in front of the camera the kids and Jessica worked their...

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